Continuing from : ACKNOWLEDGEMENT-my first post!  #dgplug has been a breakthrough to my normal lazy life.Why?

join #dgplug summer-training and realise it yourself!


They are a bunch of cool dudes working as cool software developers in cooler places like Redhat and FOSS environment.[FOSS=Free And Open Source Software]. They are there available almost 24*7 to help you out in IRC*(Internet Relay Chat) . If you are eager to learn they are eager to teach!

* {nutshell} IRC is somewhat a grandfather of the now social-networking-site concept (facebook, twitter,etc) still used by most programmers and developers. Its free(mostly), lest data consuming and thus fast.

“learn yourself , teach others” that’s  the tagline of #dgplug

If you are  an engineer, you are good to join, if you are from science background better, and if you are from a non-science background you are best. You don’t need anything except the hunger to learn more and more about computer. On each session you learn something new, guarantee. Everything taught is taught from very basic and still if you don’t understand anything, you can always ask!

When i am writing is blog in June,2016, the training programs are on, have just started and had not yet left the platform- if you hurry you might be able to catch it!  🙂

For more details visit #dgplug today.


But yes, before joining ask yourself the following questions:

  • do i really love computer world and want to be a developer?
  • do i have time for my passion?
  • am i confident enough to walk alone the road, if needed(#dgplug will always be there beside you, by the way)

And remember its never too late to start- The day you start, it stars from that every day.  🙂 

 #dgplug is a channel on FREENODE in IRC (Internet Relay Chat)

click this, add any nickname you want to be called  in IRC and the channel name #dgplug and enter the world of geeks.