First thing i was tought on my journey to become a programmer was to switch from whatever OS I use (except GNU/linux) to GNU/linux, Fedora in particular!

SO,WHY LINUX? was my first question and why fedora, the next!

First of all linux is a kernel, the spine of any os, holding all other components together! It is rather GNU/linux the complete os that we wrongly  refer to! So, as you must have known that linux kernel is a free/opensource  thing (do not take “free” and “opensource” to be same!)-anybody can make their own OS using it. thus budget becomes handy as in case of any linux based OS if compared to windows or iOS/mac.

Now comes the second question- why fedora?

If you think of playing games or watching 3D movies in fedora you might be seriously disappointed, but if you think of making some, believe me Fedora is the best! It has all the food  for a hungry programmer 🙂

If you are a newbie, i would suggest you to use oracle virtual box or dual boot. Do not engage yourself in completely wiping out the old os, as using GNU/linux as the only os without any prior experience might be a nightmere!