To most of my readers Hackers and crackers are synonymous. But believe me it is not!

“Hackers” are the superset, ie  a bigger category of programmers of which crackers are a part. So, to understand crackers, first lets understand who the hell hackers are!

In English hacker means expert. In our case, Hacker is a very expert programmer (with one of the best level of intelligence in programming/computing world). Hackers are rather obsessed with programming, they enjoy doing it, no matter which category they fall in.

NOTE: The Wikipedia definition of hacker is again the misconcept!

Hacker are of three types:



Black Hats or Crackers

•Grey Hats

• White Hats


So, we now can come to Crackers, or Black Hats as we say. Black Hats violate computer security and systems solely for unique and personal gain (such as stealing credit card numbers, bank details or even obtain personal data). They can also act by pure evil, as the creation and use of a botnet to perform DDoS (Distributed Denial Of Service)*↓ attacks on sites that do not sympathize own. They fit the general stereotype where all hackers are criminals and conduct illegal activities for personal gain. Briefly they are the  criminals of the computer or virtual world.

*{nutshell}  DDoS is a type of DOS attack where multiple compromised systems, which are often infected with a Trojan, are used to target a single system causing a Denial of Service (DoS) attack.

{nutshell} A denial of service (DoS)attack is a malicious attempt to make a server or a network resource unavailable to users, usually by temporarily interrupting or suspending the services of a host connected to the Internet.

Now, I would like to discuss White Hats before Grey ones!

image source: China Daily


From the very name its clear-white opposite of black so, does the opposite thing!                   They are the “ethical hackers”, experts who compromise computer security systems and use their skills for good-ethical and lawful purposes, unlike criminals Crackers or Black Hats.

For example, White Hats are invited or often hired to test security systems in organizations. The organization authorizes them   to compromise their websites, softwares, servers or systems. The white hat hacker uses his knowledge to invade and commit these systems “that are made available” by the organization, so the same way as a Grey Hat would do, but of course without the company consent. However, instead of using their access to steal or destroy the organization(or its reputation as in many cases), white hats reports to the organization that requested their services and informs in detail how they had internal access. Thus allowing the organization to improve its defenses against invaders in the future. This is usually called ” penetration testing “, a classic example of an activity carried out by hackers White Hats, can also be seen here in Mouse Attack .

They can also be a part of the National Defense in the country, Protection The Nation From Virtual attacks.

A white hat hacker who discovers a security vulnerability, immediately begins to release it only for its developers and maintainers, allowing them to fix the faulty product and improve security before it is exploited and compromised by  Black Hats or Gray Hats.

Going back to Primary School Painting Classes: Black + White = Grey.

So, a Gray Hat  fits somewhere between a Black Hat and White Hat. A Grey Hat does not really work for their personal gain or to cause a global trouble, but these hackers  can technically make certain cyber crimes and perform some extremely unethical activities.

For example, a black hat hacker will compromise a computer system without permission, stealing data for their own personal gain or to “touch terror” in the accessed system.

A white hat hacker first asks permission corporation or company before testing the security of websites, software or systems. If you find any fault in his holding the same warning stealthily all involved after committing them.

But the gray hat hacker does not use your improper access to evil purposes, but if it accesses a security system, it is already committed, a fact that makes the action of Gray Hat totally illegal.

If a Gray Hats discovers a security flaw in software or website, He may reveal this failure publicly to the company of the invaded system, instead of disclosing particularly those responsible as White Hat would.

*There is another type :Suicide Hackers. They are not much common so I am not bothered with them. Feel free to google it.

Movies on Hacking (you can try) : Blackhat, We are Legion, Who am i (2014), and Matrix (added because i loved it) 🙂