Thinking who the hell is Andy? Believe me, you know him! Its the green android bot↓


Okay now if you have read my  post: IN THE MAKING OF THE OLD TO THE GOLD! you will probably know that I had promissed you to write a new post on the customising your old android device. So, now here I am keeping my promise. Some of the best, as paer my knowledge, android customisation tools:

First, root your device. Google your model no. and write root in the end. Smiplest way to root any device is to get King Root from Google, not from play store.Install it, connect to internet and get rooted done!

Next install Xposed Installer, again from Google, and not from Play Store.[ For you convenience, links are given]. After you have installed it you can see it will need root access. Grant it that. do a restart.

Now visit XDA community to know more about awesome apps, and informations. Okay, you can do it later if want, its really not the very next important step 🙂

Some apps I use Everyday:

Firstly, get Purify. It suspends all your background apps which consumes all your data, battery, system resource. You can use your phone to its full potential. I can never stop loving it.

Now, Install Xblast Tools or Gravity Box. [INSTALLATION NOTE: [JB]-Jelly Bean, [KK]-Kitkat [LP]-Lollipop, [MM]-Marshmellow) Try any one out. It has a lot of components. See them one by one. This allows you to customize even the default themes of your android( called Holo and Light Theme ). See my settings window has a background of the Joker! You can have a Ram-bar in your recent menu (look mine ) and an all-clear option like Lollipop or Marshmellow in Kitkat.

Try ZuiMOD for option not available in Gravity box or Xblast Tools.

Get Blur System UI to have a blur notification panel, and recent panel.

You can have Flat Style Bar Indicators and Flat Style Coloured Bars from Play Store. You can change the icons of notifications. Look in mine↓ the left side squares are my network indicators, then the network speed, screenshot icon, clock (with  full date) WiFi strength and lastly, the battery status!

Next is something I use because my screen is broken,and the right extreme side does not respond. However, you can use it to show off you friends. Its called Flying Android. Literally, the window flies under your finger tips.

There are more apps for xposed installer in the Download section of the app. You can give them a try,one by one, carefully..

REMEMBER after each app you install that requires xposed installer access, you need to grant that in Xposed Installer > Menu > Modules  option and do a restart.

Ok, now if you install Flat Style Bar Indicators or Flat Style Coloured Bars you will see it requires you to pay. Ah, yes, every rose has its thorns! You need to pay to get those cool stuff

Let me show you mine:  (device: Lava Iris X5)

  1. My notification panel expanded!
  2. Recent Panel menu
  3. Power Button (long-press) Menu
  4. Settings Menu








Please read DISCLAIMER before performing any of the above action. Have a backup of all important data of your old phone. Please perform this actions in your old phone first! A NOTE: rooting causes violation of device’s warranty. So DO NOT root a phone under warranty, unless you know what you are doing!

how-to-fix-softbrickIf you see that your device is not starting and stuck in the boot logo (the animation at the starting of the device) please know it has gone to SOFT BRICK. It will not start the easy way in this case. But please don’t panic. Its nothing and can be cured at ease. You need to force restart it. Hold the power button for 20-25 seconds(if you device has detachable battery, feel free to remove it and turn it off!). See it automatically restarts,feel the vibrate. Now at this moment be very agile and press the down volume button and the power button for 10 seconds and see a black screen with green writings comes. Choose ‘reset phone’ and do “OK” to everything. This step erase all installed applications, except the pre-installed ones. Now you have to start from scratch!

But yes, reading the above part, you might feel scared, but its not necessary that it willdont-panic happen. I have personally done this in many of my friends phones and none had gone bricked. It was only mine(the first time I did) that had gone bricked! And even if it does don’t panic and do the steps I told you. Moreover, you can always ask for help in my  Facebook page or this Blog!

So, start dressing up MR. ANDY for the party!


Best of Luck!