Nowadays, every human being is born with the ability to Google up things in the internet. You most probably search up things in the Google every hour, but do you always find what you need in just one go? or, do you end up retyping you query in a different way and cursing the search engine!

Here’s an overview of some of the most useful Google search tricks, that I have collected over the years. You’ll be an expert Googler in no time. And next time you Google, bless the thing, please!

[click on the links to see the examples]

  1. Use Explicite phrases: i.e. enclose your query in ” ” to get  more accurate search results.
  2. Exclude unnessesary topics: with ‘-‘ sign. see the difference in the results: Sherlock Holmes and Sherlock Holmes -Sherlock. [Sherlock is a TV Serial, which I dont want in my results]
  3. Use a Colon to Search your query in Specific Sites:  i.e. query : site name > Say you want to come back to my site but dont know the html, and neither have you bookmarked it- simply Google-ing Technotron_ may or may not give the link to my blog in the first page, but if you use Technotron : , you will be directly leading to my account.
  4. Search Within a Website: Many a times we want search something in a site, and to do that we open that site first, and then put our query there, but thats not the way to do smartly, instead use site:sitename “query”. Like searching for all the ‘Linux’ taged topics here, google: site: “Linux”. [My site has a long html as its not paid. most professional sites have shorter html, like]
  5. Do related sites search : Many a times during doing project work, we need related sites at hand, but we cant find, cause we dont know how to! From now, just use related:known_site, example
  6. I am feeling Lucky..: This hopefully all of you may have noticed in Google search, in the right. But what is that? using this directly takes you to the fist site suggested as per your query,bypassing your search window result.
  7. Use Google as an online dictionary: Use define:word, like define:awesome rather than just awesome. See the difference yourself.
  8. Using wildcards(ie. to ask google to do some fill in the blanks, while searching the query): Use *(asterisk) to ask google to fill in a phrase, song or movie name, etc. which you may have forgotten.
  9. Searching for a song and do not know the name? Give Google any one line from the song and see the magic.
  10. Use filters to get only the specific type of documents:  use ‘filtertype:’ to set specific type of result. example:organic chemistry filtertype:ppt, this eleminates all the irrevent results.
  11. Search to quries at the same time: To do seperate your quries by ‘OR’ (OR should be in caps). example: search for  chocolate cake OR orange cake
  12. Search With Words Websites Use: 
  13. Using Your Location: Google can now know your location (unless you adjust your settings otherwise), you can easily find places to eat or attractions close to you with a simple search, like ‘cake shops near me’
  14.  Weather: Need quick weather update? just Google ‘Weather place name’. Example: ‘weather Kolkata’
  15.  Stopwatch, Timer,  Calculator, Tip Calculator: Yup dude, Google also has these features. Type Stopwatch for a handy stopwatch. Just write ‘10 min timer’ for a timer. Or just search Timer. same for the other two.