Windows is heavily customisable  unlike any other OS ( that’s why i like windows!). Its fun to be the odd one out! In this post, I would like to discuss some thrills and frills of customising your windows, considering you to be a totally non-geek person!

  • First, get RocketDock. It gives a new dimension and makes you PC look wow. Not only does it make your PC look beautiful, but also helps in super fast, rather, ultra-fast navigation between your files and folders! You can get tons of themes and stuffs for it also!
  • Moving on to Rainmeter. Its the ultimate customization tool, I have ever come across with! If you can, you can make your own themes, or else, you can download the themes created by the experts! Believe me or not these takes your  PC to ‘that’ level! Link to DeviantArt gallery:
  • Next is the simplest thing, yet the best: using awesome icons. You can get/download icons free form net, or create them in Photoshop, with .ico suffix. This does makes you computer stand apart. Even Rocketdock  website has quite a handful of good icons. HOW TO APPLY? Answer to that is simple! save the .ico files in a place from which you don’t need them to be moved or delete by chance (say, like i keep my icons in a folder called man_made_icons in my >  C:\man_made_icons directory)
  • If you are still using Windows 7 or 8 or 8.1, you are missing out with one important thing- Virtual desktops. But, there is a solution- this a simple, easy to use solution for virtual desktops. Its helps to keep you desktop cluster free, and thus work better!
  • Now, apart from looks, you should also have a fast PC. Use Glary Utilities on the go. Get all the things you need, arranged in one place, only for  you! From uninstaller to derangement, you get all. You can try the product for some time for free and then if you like, you need to buy to enjoy automatic/scheduled services!
  • You can also get CCleaner, to do other privacy related issues! like cleaning  your browsing history of your computer or web-browser every time your computer starts! Get the Professional version for real time protection.
  • Get Teracopy.[Get to the bottom of the website and get ‘download’ for free or ‘purchase’ to buy!] Unleash your power to interfere in any set of files added to copy/move- skip any files added by mistake, pause in between, shut down your PC after the coping is done( like you put a 20 GB file to be copied, and feeling sleepy, simply ask Teracopy to shutdown your PC after the operation is done!) And also, it gives your best PC performance for coping!
  • Humans make mistakes! We may delete files which we don’t want to delete, permanently. Get Recuva for the ultimate restoration solution! Get back any files which you may have deleted, any time!

There can be many other options. If you know any, please comment bellow ⇓ would love to hear from you.