If you have a android device and not using voice command then you are simply missing out the dessert of a free luxury dinner! Yup, that’s what it feel like talking to your device- a premium dessert of a luxury dinner!

Most of my friends are amazed with the capabilities of SIRI (yet too expensive to buy) and depressed that CORTANA is not supported totally in India (though most of us have windows 8.1 or 10) But they miss out GOOGLE NOW! Its great, awesome and at our hands! So, I felt it necessary to let them know , what they have!

Here goes the best of Ok Google. First lets see the set up!

If you have an old device (say Kitkat), update your google app! Your factory version might name it as Simply Google app, which you need to update in play store and get a newer version called Google Now app! Open it > Menu> Settings> Voice> “Ok Google ” detection> turn it on!  Turn on for accessing it from any screen any give the three voice models! (if using lollipop or above module) [ Google Now is not available in android bellow Jellybean]

For best experience, if you are not using Stock android, install Google Now launcher or any other as you like that support hotword detection in Homescreen, like I use Nova Launcher. Conduced whether you have Stock android or not, just Google it and ask in the Comments!

So, all set up! Now lets use it.

Now from any screen just say “Okay Google” and see the response! Sometimes it might not recognize at one go, so, re try it.

Some basic commands:

  • Define – If you want to know what is something, use this keyword, like “define history”. (make sure to keep your (media)speaker on, as Google will speak in response!)
  • Call – If you want to place a call, say call followed by name. Like ” Call Mom”, if Mom is a contact in your Phonebook. Some Vernacular names may or may not be recognized! As is my name, if you say “call Avik”, google recognizes it as “call what is”, haha that’s my bad!
  • Turn on : Using this command, you can turn on Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or even flashlight, like, “Turn on Wi-Fi” or “Turn off Wi-Fi.”
  • Set : use this command to set alarms or remainders. just say “Set an Alarm for five-fifteen pm” and boom, your alarm will be set!
  • Send Whatsapp messages by saying “send a Whatsapp to …” follwed by you messaged when asked.
  • Start : Use start command to launch any application, i.e. say “Start Facebook” to launch Facebook. I like this the most handy of all as, i can launch any application from any screen.

And there are many more useless commands. And yes your can also speak freely with Ok Google, like say Hi/Hello.You can also ask random questions like “Which is the capital of America”, with English may/may not be grammatically correct!  It will respond!

You can choose/change your voice setting in Accessibility>Text-to-speech output. In Language & Input> Voice you can choose from the wide range of options. you can also Download languages for offline use in “Offline speech recognition” menu.


Ok Google.jpg
A Few Ok-Google screenshots.

♣To know how I customized my status bar, ⇑ follow my blog-post: ANDY, LETS GET U DRESSED UP FOR THE PARTY! , you might like it!

♠ Google Official Page for “Ok Google” :  “Ok Google” voice search & actions. Get more actions and commands there. I just shared the most important uses of Ok Google, but if you have time, go ahead and play with it.


Okay, so that’s that for now. Latter on I will tell you how to customize okay Google. Like say “Jarvis” instead of “Ok Google” and feel like Tony Stark (Iron man)! Cool isn’t it? Haha, stay tuned!

Happy Googling!