Now a days most of us use android phones , and mostly they want to “root there device”. This blog is thus made for them who don’t know what is root actually!

Rooting is the process of allowing users of smartphones, tablets and other devices running the Android mobile operating system to attain privileged control (known as root access) over various Android subsystems. As Android uses the Linux kernel, rooting an Android device gives similar access to administrative (superuser) permissions as on Linux or any other Unix-like operating system such as FreeBSD or OS X.


So, that defines Rooting quite well. Now comes the question, why should I root? I have faced this question many times, from friends. Even I, myself had the same. Then got the answers.

  1. Removing Preinstalled Crapware:  Your new phone has many inbuilt apps which you don’t need, yet you can’t delete them,right? So, with root access, you can delete/uninstall them.Like I never use Google Play Books/Movies/News. So, I just uninstalled them. With root access, apps like Purify,Titanium Backup, etc, can uninstall these apps.
  2. Block Ads in Any App : Oh yes, you can block those annoying adds in your device, whenever it is connected to internet! Apps like Add Block Plus works great.
  3. Boosting  Speed and Battery Life : We all love speed and and a long battery life, don’t we? Apps like Purify, Greenify, SetCPU works great in these cases.
  4. Flashing custom ROM : This can help you to get to taste any android in any device. You can install whatever android OS you like,either to upgrade or to downgrade, or just to get the stock android, whatever may be the reason, no need now for cursing your present OS and get pissed off! [[[ Remember this is a Dangerous Process. I HAVE NEVER TRIED THIS THUS]]]
  5. Back Up Your Phone : You can back-up your phone like totally with Titanium Backup. Without root, you can only backup apk files, but with this, even the data gets backed up, making your transitions from an old phone to a new one, easy as a piece of cake. Read ahead to know some more cool apps.

Best Apps For Android if you have root: (click on the names to get their download links. Hopefully they are virus free 😛  ).

  • Purify : This app helps you to stop any and all background processes in your device, that makes your device slow! Recently, they made it also compatible with non-rooted devices, but root gives it the adrenaline boost.
  • Greenify :More or less same as Purify. But you have to buy it! 😦 So, I like Purify.
  • SetCPU : Truly speaking, I am still Exploring this. So, will edit this later. But thought you should also try experimenting with this.
  • Lucky Patcher : Can’t really explain its usage here, due to legal issues! But just saying It the best app I like in android 😛  *Please Please Try this!
  • Game Killer : With these, one can change the value of any game, ie. scores, money and all that you need for a level up :p, provided you are offline, ie, you can change the number of Gold Coins and keys to 10000000 in Subway Surfers, only when it is not connected to the net.
  • Freedom : More or less same as Lucky Patcher, but with less control options, but with a cleaner and simpler UI.
  • SoftKey Enabler : If your device is broken, and the back, home or menu/recents key are not working, you can use these as onscreen keys instead of the hardware keys.
  • Titanium Backup : Keep a backup of everything in your phone (including data). Trust me this is very helpful. Its often after formatting your phone you remember that your call list is deleted and you need an unsaved number- this is where Titanium backup comes into action.
  • Xposed Installer+Xposed Modules : Refer to the post: ⇓ for a detail usage and instructions of all these sub-listed apps.
  • All-in-one Gestures : This just makes your life a lot more easier. Just install it to see, nothing much to say, except it’s All-in one, lol. [a must app is you are using a phablet (ie. phones with large screen like 5.5 inch]
  • Lollipop Call : If you are using Kitkat this can be useful or just a fancy mod. It makes the call come as a notification, when the screen is on, which is common on android 5.0 above.
  • Tasker : This a an awesome app. I am still testing it. Hoping to write a full post on this.

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