In the assembled phone, that every body dreams of, the must have features are a Apple’s Camera, Samsung’s Battery, Dolby Atmos Sound System, and bla bla bla… and now MIUI is added to the list.

(For those of you out there, who is still tearing your hair, thinking what the hell is this MIUI, for them, MIUI is an customized Android User Interface (UI) by the Mobile Manufacturer Xiomi, branded as  Mi.)

I just got my Redmi Note 3 last month, and was amazed with the certain features, and also sad with the drawbacks. Planning for a detailed review of the device in a later post, may be sometime later. For Now, I’m just concentrating on the Best part of the phone – MIUI.

Redmi Note 3 comes with MIUI 7 which updates to MIUI 8, both running on Android Lollipop. The day when I’m writing this post, MI China announced MIUI 8 in Android N. Currently, only available for MI 5 devices as beta versions. However they promised that it will be soon available in other countries, for other devices also.

So now, I finished the Intro, and coming back to where I started, Why is MIUI so great? Better that any other custom UIs? Some are even demanding it to be better than Stock android. Why?????

{NUTSHELL} MIUI has every thing you need, just name it and its there. From Antivirus to Retrica, Cam Scanner to Purify/Greenify, MIUI has every little things you need, in-build. Its is so perfectly designed that you start falling in love from the very moment you start to know it. It feels like a totally new world and not android. Some screenshots are provided bellow.

Firstly, the camera app. It is true that Redmi Note 3 has a fairly bellow average camera (due to the fact that it gives a lot at a very low price, the camera sensor is not upto the mark), but the app has a excellent UI, starting from live filters, like those you get apps like Retrica, to some amazing features like tilt-shift. The camera can also scan QR codes. The fingerprint helps to take selfies using the primary camera, resulting in 16 MP selfies.

Then I liked the lockscreen of MIUI. Made for the Cool dudes, It changes its wallpaper every day (with an active internet connection) and the collection of wallpapers is really awesome. It also have themes with live lockscreen wallpapers.They named this feature Wallpaper Carousel.

Ah, themes. MIUI has a treasure trove of themes, really awesome ones. And you can even customize your own theme by mixing two or more themes. By themes if you are only considering launcher themes, you are mistaken. Themes change everything- wallpares, lockscreen, statusbar icons, dailpad, and everything you would have done apps like Xblast or Gravity Box (names you must have heard if you read my previous posts).

An app called Security. Though called security it combines the action of a ram cleaner, a battery saver , an antivirus and an app-lock, something which many people consider  very important.

Ever heard of  an app called Parallel Space? If you have, its great. others, try it. If you are using MIUI, no need to install it, you have the same inbuild, named as Dual apps. In short, this helps to run two Facebook/Whatsapp/other apps connecting to different accounts.

MIUI also has something called Second Space, and which is awesome. Its makes a second phone within your phone, with a different password to access it, and letting you choose to show which apps and which not. Example: Your teacher wants to check whether you do Facebook and Whatsapp, suddenly, without giving you time to uninstall them- he just comes and say.’open your phone, I want to check it’.All you need to do, is just give the second space password and open your second space, without even opening the original, which has the app installed ( provided you are clever enough to activate Second Space, hiding all those apps. 😛 )

One Hand mode, a great option for using a big screen phone in a small way. Usually achieved  by rooting, MIUI has packed in the solution. Just swipe in from the home button( the center on) to any side to reduce the effective screen to that side. [sorry, but screenshots cant show the difference. All you need is just DIY to know.

Though none of the Mi phones have a Dolby software, what they build is a better version than just not giving anything. lol. Headphone & audio Effects is what I’m talking about. Give it a try if you are a music enthusiast.

Quick Ball: I personaly have never felt its need, yet you can try. Its basically a circular floating widget (like the one which you get while using Facebook Messenger), which opens on taping or swiping with a few customiseable shortcuts.

Have a child, brother or sister, who takes your phone to play games a mess thing up like deleting contacts etc, haha, MIUI has come up with the child Mode option, which locks the entire device with a password or fingerprint, except for the applications and games that you intend to let him/her to play.

Light mode,  the best way  to experience this is to try this . I bet at first sight you might not like it, but it has its own advantages. Big vivid icons with less sophisticated details, something that saves battery and quite appreciable the elders.

Screenshot scroll is awesome. See it yourself. I have takes those screenshots below using the screenshots scroll.

Read mode/ a screen filter  is a inbuild function that allows the composition of the screen colour. Turing the screen yellowish in reading mode is clever as it has been proved that yellow light helps in sleep.










By the time I finished these blog, there is a new update to MIUI. (v8.1.1.0), ie MIUI in Android Marshmellow. The most effective upgade so far is the Three Finger swipe down to take a screenshot. Its awwesomme, isn’t it!

Happy MIUI using!