If you have a desktop PC, and don’t have a trackpad, you will love this! If you are a picture editor and on a budget to buy a digital notepads, you will love this! Or, if are a gamer, and in need of a joy-stick, you will love this! You may be a conference, and in need for those fancy wireless ppt controller, you will love this! Basically, what I wanted to show, is this, no matter who you are, if you have a smart device (smartphone or tablet)(of Android, Windows or iOS), you will love, rather be amazed by MONECT!

Monect PC Remote is a wireless remote software system, for your windows and android devices.Buts that’s too short for such a great app, which boasts-

  • a trackpad, like the ones found in laptops
  •  4 Joystick/Gamepad layout options
  • a dedicated GTA gamepad
  • helps to cast your display in the phone
  • a projector control option
  • wireless data-transfer at good speeds, what so ever
  • Powerpoint control
  • and a webcam control

Ok, so what you need to use this right! There are a few options:

  1. A common WiFi router that connects both your PC and your Smartphone!
  2. Or a Rooted Smartphone with ad-hoc networking enabled and connect your Android to the PC with a shared wifi network
  3. If your PC has a WiFi modem, you can try connecting your smartphone to the PC by virtual WiFi routers, like OSTOTO Hotspot.

Now, if you have everything arranged, lets move on to the next part. The steps to connect!

First, download the Monect app in your device. Scan the QR code in this page, with your device of whichever OS: http://www.monect.com/pc-remote/

Then download this receiver  in your windows PC: PC Remote Receiver Setup_5_3_3_4.zip. Or, you can simply move down the QR page and get the link!

A security note: in the settings option of windows receiver, set a password for connection!

If you like it, and want add-free version, get the PC Remote VIP!

Let me and others know how your experience was! Comment bellow!

Now for some screenshots:


and yet some more gamepads: