Hi, I am Avik Mukherjee . I am from  Kolkata,West Bengal,India.

Born in: 19th August 1997.

This is my first  blog, created as a part of my training in #dgplug. I love technology and hope to help others as much as I can, with my knowledge, whatever little I have.

Though created as a part of training, I always try to deliver the best of  my efforts to  encourage newbies, as me, in the vast world of technology.

a geek, a photographer, a crytographist, and an eager learner

Through this I am going to share my knowledge of computers in any field, say from editing in Photoshop, to developing programs. I will try to not to make this blog overflowing with geeky words but explaining things till ground zero, for the newcomers.

If anyone have any comments good or bad feel free to express yourself ! I will surely try to improve or rectify my errors.I am still a newbie and not a professional blog writer!

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