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Tmark – The Blog!

Hola folks. Hope your days have been awesome! I'm writing after a longgg time, so sorry! Anyway let's get to the point! GIT-HUB LINK: A Modest Intro: Tmark stands for "Terminal Bookmark". It is an application I'm building! And... Continue Reading →


Coz 2 is better than 1!

We all have heard about dual boot! If you are one of those, who haven't, don't consider yourself to be doomed! It's nothing special, just having 2 OS in one PC/Laptop and when you start your computer, it asks which... Continue Reading →

All u are wondering, is in here!

All u need to know for #dgplug sessions this year!

Yet another new way to use your Smartphone!

If you have a desktop PC, and don't have a trackpad, you will love this! If you are a picture editor and on a budget to buy a digital notepads, you will love this! Or, if are a gamer, and... Continue Reading →

MIUI the new craze in smartphones…

In the assembled phone, that every body dreams of, the must have features are a Apple's Camera, Samsung's Battery, Dolby Atmos Sound System, and bla bla bla... and now MIUI is added to the list. (For those of you out... Continue Reading →

When Rooting is the Key…

Now a days most of us use android phones , and mostly they want to "root there device". This blog is thus made for them who don't know what is root actually! Rooting is the process of allowing users of... Continue Reading →

“Ok google…”

If you have a android device and not using voice command then you are simply missing out the dessert of a free luxury dinner! Yup, that's what it feel like talking to your device- a premium dessert of a luxury... Continue Reading →

Do what your friend’s don’t with the Windows

Windows is heavily customisable  unlike any other OS ( that's why i like windows!). Its fun to be the odd one out! In this post, I would like to discuss some thrills and frills of customising your windows, considering you... Continue Reading →


Nowadays, every human being is born with the ability to Google up things in the internet. You most probably search up things in the Google every hour, but do you always find what you need in just one go? or,... Continue Reading →

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